Ideas for Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces

Deciding to go for a DIY type of wedding decoration, you should be aware of the fact that you need to include also the floral element as a do it yourself wedding centerpieces for the atmosphere of your wedding reception. The task is not always an easy one, but it is definitely one that could carry your eyes and soul on the magic land of blooms with their beauty and colorful designs that are different and unique with every flower. Before reaching to look for ideas for this DIY floristic initiative of yours, make sure that you know pretty well some facts about the way your wedding celebration will look like.

Do It Yourself Wedding CenterpiecesSource

Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces

As previously mentioned there is not an easy task to accomplish, but this article will show you how to handle the things easier to actually see the beauty of a forest even if there are dry trees. First of all when deciding to have a do it yourself wedding centerpieces arrangement, take into account the style of your wedding. Even if you feel overwhelmed by the fact that these blooms cost plenty of money, you shouldn’t necessary spend a fortune as there are much simpler ways to purchase these items. After you have decided on the style of your wedding, if there is a color scheme, or a theme, or you go by the season, you must definitely coordinate the bouquets and table arrangements in such a manner they will follow the chosen style.

Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces Source

Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces

The next thing that can get you cheaper prices for the flowers used in do it yourself wedding centerpieces is to inquire your local florists for prices of those blooms that will be in the season of your wedding. Generally speaking, florists will definitely lower the prices with those blooms that come in season and with a little bit of research on price comparison you will find the one who sells them the cheaper. If you however feel that this task outruns your skills (not everyone can get involved in this delicate matter) you could resort to the advice of a florist paying a small fee for merely coordinating your moves in this DIY initiative.

Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces Source

Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces

Apart from this option, to completely understand how the things should be done with this task, you could browse online for various ideas on do it yourself wedding centerpieces to get an inspiration for your special event. You can as well read those tips that are displayed for DIY brides-to-be to learn how to preserve the best the blooms for your table centerpieces. There are flowers that last longer than others and you should know which ways are there displayed to help the blooms resist longer. The following ideas are given as ways to decorate your wedding reception tables and they shouldn’t be seen as something to hard to achieve:

* Try to rent for each table one vase of a medium size but mostly the slim design an d add in it a

single stem of hydrangea accented with green branches that you can get from outdoor bushes. If the wedding is for summer season you could coordinate the choice of bloom to the colors that match to this season, such as pink, blue or purple. Additionally, buy some white strings, the ones that can be curled and are used as decorative items inside floral bouquets. These stings have them introduced in the vase and let them hang loose by the rim of the vase.

Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces Source

Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces

* Another idea of do it yourself wedding centerpieces would be to use a single stem of calla lily inside a tall vase wherein you add some leaves as greenery accents. Then use some wide stripes of white tulle or any other colored tulle to match the choice of bloom color and make a rich bow to tie the stem of the flower where this one meets the rim of the vase. Tulle is an elegant addition to complement the majesty of this beautiful bloom.

* For a rustically planned wedding, you can use table arrangements in the form of colorful fruits with some twigs that come in a curly design from their natural way, such as there are the willow twigs which are quite decorative in their format. The fruits can be placed inside weaved reed baskets that can be also painted in colors combinations to match the overall rustic décor. If there is for instance plenty of choice for orange, then you should use green and red apples along with twigs painted in orange and the choice of orange paint combined with light green for the decorative baskets.

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