Sample Wording for Wedding Programs

Many wedding couples consider having their wedding celebration displayed on wedding programs that will be given to the guests, but they will always have problems with finding the way to write them. Through this article we will try to give them a helping hand as suggestions with wedding programs sample wording. Before reading on you will have to define the type of your wedding, since these wedding programs should be worded in accordance to the style you have decided to run your wedding event. Another thing that you should know is that these programs have general features that we will underline below and it will be up to you to adjust the wedding program sample wording according to your wedding celebration type.

Wedding Programs Sample WordingSource

Wedding Programs Sample Wording

* So what is there to include? First of all, the “introduction” with your names, the date and location. This is generally placed at the front page top. The front page will be also designed in the theme or style of the wedding, or maybe a similar design with that of your wedding invitations. You can insert also a head title that will introduce the theme to your guests, such as “The Spring Time of Our Commitment” or “Join us into the World of Long Lasting Love and Happily Ever After Life”. Generally the theme works as a great source of inspiration for the wedding program head title. Other couples just prefer naming it “Our Wedding Program” which is very simple and stuck to the point.

Wedding Programs Sample WordingSource

Wedding Programs Sample Wording

* The next page – the left side should contain the ceremony order with or without the list of readings and songs performed inside the religious service. Many couples prefer mentioning the song titles and the composers for each part of the ceremony. This is a great idea, especially if there are classic songs or contemporary songs accompanying each moment displayed. For instance the moment of bride’s entrance could be mentioned: “… And here comes the bride shaking with emotions in the sounds of Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”. Or something of the kind. The religious ceremony is always a very emotional part of a wedding as in here the two of you are exchanging the vows and rings, followed by Unity Candle lighting.

Wedding Programs Sample WordingSource

Wedding Programs Sample Wording

Therefore it could be suggested to introduce every single one of these moments with a line the same way described above in the format of wedding program sample wording for the bridal entrance.

* The third page is reserved to the wedding reception which you should also mention on top of the page as a head title in a funny note, for instance, such as “Now Let’s Get the Party Started” with the two wedding rings as symbols designed in the corners of the page and the image of a huge wedding cake landed in the middle.

In here the wedding program sample wording can go for the emotional moments of Father and Daughter Dance, Mother and Son Dance, The First Dance and the Last Dance of the Evening displayed on a list with the song title attached to each one of them and the name of the performers.

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