Winter Weddings

Everyone would agree with the fact that a winter wedding is always different than the one that takes place during the hot season of summer time. Many brides prefer celebrating their biggest event in the months of late spring or summer, but there is however a number of brides who prefer celebrating their special day in the season of winter. No one could affirm that one season is to be preferred over the other as each season in its unfolding has its won charm and beauty that can not be found alike in the displaying of the other season.

But if we think of the sparkling white of winter’s snow we can not but wonder at the association of the white with the traditional white wedding dress of the bride. Winter weddings are therefore considered stylish and majestic in their unfolding. In case you have settled your wedding day to be held in the season of winter, you should better consider the various aspects that will appear along the way while planning the winter wedding. Some of them are described below:

* Choose an appropriate dress – as a bride you should consider the winter wedding dresses to choose from and if your choice is based on a sleeveless design of a bridal gown, then you should find a matching winter coat to go with it or a warm shawl that complements the overall aspect of your winter wedding gown. There will be plenty of photo sessions that you will have to attend to and you wouldn’t want to freeze outside in the beautiful natural décor of a winter season.

* Consider the flowers that will be easier to find during winter time, some will say that the creamy white roses, or the poinsettias can make a great choice for ceremony and reception floral arrangement. But you can as well consult a florist and see what they have to offer in this respect with flowers that can be as well cheap if they are in season and not that hard to get.

* Also related to the dressing chapter, you should wear close-toed shoes and in case they will be too slippery for the snow outside consider a pair of boots that can beautifully complement your bridal appearance.

* Take care of the transportation – your guests must be ensured that there is a safer way to get from one place to another and as such arrange for them a special minibus to have them transported from ceremony hall to the reception hall and at the end to their home place. If there will be guests who prefer driving to your wedding venues, make sure that they have their parking lot reserved to enable them find the spot easier after the wedding is over.

Winter weddings will always have a charm of their own especially when you know how to plan the event inserting the glamour of a day that will culminate with the magic of the winter’s natural setting.

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